randy gore

Benefits Analyst

ES3 Team member since 2015

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Let’s face it; no one says ‘When I grow up, I want to work in group insurance!’ I know I didn’t.  According to some Grade 1 artwork, I wanted to be a crane operator. Well… that didn’t happen (mainly because I’m not mechanically inclined).  After university I tried my hand at various jobs until joining the insurance industry in 1994 and I’ve been an underwriter/analyst since 1996. My analytical and numbers-oriented mind made this a better career choice.

Using these skills at ES3, I’m responsible for getting our clients fair rates and ensuring those rates will provide necessary stability for future years. I have our clients’ best long-term interests in mind, whether negotiating with insurers or planning cost effective changes to the benefits package.

At ES3, my colleagues and I share a common goal: we work for our client to make sure their employees have coverage that suits their daily needs at a reasonable cost.  Though ‘grade 1 me’ would never have predicted this career path, ‘adult me’ knows these services are important and rewarding.


Three Key Words:

Loyal, humourous, analytical

Industry Experience: 

Randy has been in the insurance industry since 1994, starting out as a receptionist, and has been an underwriter/analyst for more than 20 years.

  • University of Fraser Valley, Criminology
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Business Administration

Sudoku, listening to music, watching shows and movies, and exploring North America by car with my wife