dare to be different

It’s the old chicken and egg debate. Which came first: the boring, stuffed shirt insurance salesperson or the boring, no-fun insurance office? We can’t really answer that because we didn’t stick around to find out.

It all started with Darrell. It was 1998 and he was working with one of the leading benefits and insurance brokers in the country. Despite that, he found he was often frustrated by the conflicts of interest between the insurance carriers, the clients and his philosophy. So, he decided to launch something revolutionary: an insurance firm with personality; one that really gets to know their clients and redefines their insurance experience. Imagine that!

“Instead of thinking outside of the box, just get rid of the box.” Anonymous

He also envisioned creating an environment where employees would be valued and respected; where they would work as a team, rather than in competition with one another; and where they would be encouraged and empowered to push themselves – and the industry – to look at insurance in a different way. With that vision in mind, the doors of Executive Strategies were soon opened. Along the way, we changed our name to ES3 Insurance Services Ltd to reflect our deep expertise in employee, executive and evolution strategies – thus the 3 E’s.

Today, ES3 is thriving, our clients are happy and we love coming to work – partly because it’s so darn much fun!

Let’s face it, insurance, benefits and transition planning can be pretty dry stuff. So we endeavour to make it a more fun and enjoyable experience for ourselves and for our clients. Because when it’s fun, it’s easier. And that’s our goal: to make it easier for you.