the insurance gurus

Who are we? We are advisors, administrators, lawyers, accountants. Alternative thinkers, travelers, organ donors, cooks. Also, parents, mentors, coaches, volunteers. Individually, our people are as quixotic, interesting and dynamic as life itself. As a team, we’re slightly easier to define.

We are renegades

You feel it as soon as you enter our office; this is not your typical insurance broker. In fact, that’s exactly the point. ES3 was founded on a desire to redefine the client experience. First, by focusing on the quality of the relationship, not the size of the sale. Second, by pushing insurance providers to take a good hard look at their products and policies. And third, by taking the time to craft custom-tailored insurance solutions that deftly reflect – and protect – each client’s dreams for the future. Today, we’re proud to say we’ve accomplished all those goals. And even prouder to say that our clients wholeheartedly approve.

We are insurance experts

We get that insurance wouldn’t be everybody’s first choice, but our team has spent countless hours, days and years reading, talking and thinking about the benefits of good insurance solutions. How to arrange it. How to administer it. How to make a claim when necessary. Happily, we do this because we love it. (Honestly!) So please do contact us about any insurance matter. No one knows the mechanics and theories of insurance better – or enjoys sharing their knowledge more.

We are fierce advocates

When you choose ES3 as your insurance provider, you gain an incredible ally. We don’t just figure out which insurance program will best position you to succeed. We also negotiate the best value, secure the best solutions and ensure that claims are handled efficiently, promptly and fairly. We call it our unique “process for success.” You’ll call it amazing.

We are value creators

It’s a little unusual these days, but our motivating force is a profound and genuine desire to help. Primarily, that means we always, always put our clients’ needs first. Even if that means the work takes a little longer. Or requires new learning. Or doesn’t end in a sale. It also means we actively look for opportunities to add more value to our service offerings. Because we think providing maximum value for every dollar spent is simply the right thing to do – for your business, and for ours.

We are people of honour

We believe all good things are rooted in integrity. So, in the spirit of Dr Seuss, “we do what we mean and we mean what we say.” We also live our ideals, taking our own good advice when it comes to providing sound work-life balance, supporting healthy lifestyles and promoting camaraderie in the workplace.

We are people who care

We subscribe to the idea that those who have, must give. We also find volunteering to be one of life’s most rewarding activities. Learn more about the causes that spur us into action at How We Give Back.

At ES3, we don’t want to just take care of your insurance; we want to build a relationship with you. We think that starts by telling you about who we are. Every person has a story, here are ours.