using our powers for good

ES3 Advisory’s vision is ‘to build stronger families, stronger businesses, and stronger communities’. Our commitment to the community is more than writing cheques, we empower our employees to get involved in their community. ES3 offers each employee time off to volunteer, while also coordinating a variety of team events

ES3’s Annual Pay-it-Forward Day 

Have you ever wondered the good you could do with a motivated team, an afternoon, and a whole city at your fingertips? The ES3 team takes on this task each summer, trying to find creative ways to do some good, brighten someone’s day, contribute to our community, and spread some good will and cheer in hopes that it would inspire others to do the same.

ES3 in the News

Our approach to corporate philanthropy has been featured in the Globe and Mail and BC Business:

“Darrell Ert, founder and president of ES3 Insurance Services, has made support for volunteering a core value at his company…“We look for something that is aligned with our resources and competencies,” says Ert. For example, ES3 helps companies develop and administer employee benefit plans.” Click here to read the rest of the article.



ES3’s Mr. Ert emphasizes that the desire to contribute to the greater good must be genuine to be effective. “It’s the expectation of the board room and the executive table to encourage giving back,” he says. “But if you’re myopic and driven purely on profit and scorching the earth, we’re all sunk. We all feel strongly that the community we’re working in is ours to support.” Click here to read the rest of the article.