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G2 Advisor

ES3 Team member since 2012

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Apart from the family connection, of course, I came to ES3 because when they say they are more concerned with their clients’ needs than their own, they really mean it. Also, in an industry where all an agent has is his word, being able to follow through on that word, time and time again, is what separates ES3 from the rest. As a part of the Executive Strategies team, I focus on two key areas: Enhanced Benefits and Next Generation Initiatives.

Often, when we work for a great company, we take our corporate health and insurance benefits for granted but rarely do we maximize them nor take the time to understand their limitations. This is precisely where I come in. Working with our Employee Strategies team and using ES3’s process for success™, I start by getting to know my clients to help educate them and create a better understanding of the insurance they currently have. Together we build a customized solution of Enhanced Benefits that recognizes their unique needs – it’s like creating the perfect group plan.

I was in a vary rare position growing up – I always thought insurance and insurance sales people like my dad were loved and revered the world over. I have known nothing but the wonderful things insurance has done for people – at my age, it’s a lonely point of view but doesn’t have to be. I work with the Next Gen, my Generation, to help them learn from the wisdom of our parents and grandparents while taking advantage of our age to lock in insurance protection at rates our forefathers could only dream of.

Finally, when it comes to a healthy financial plan, at ES3 we don`t do it all. We’ll help you identify important next steps and tap into our deep network to put you in touch with the best of the best.

As a son joining the company my father founded, I am a product and advocate of our vision to empower people to build stronger families, stronger businesses and stronger communities.

Three Key Words:

Compassionate, devoted, humorous

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Victoria
  • Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance License, The Insurance Council of British Columbia
  • Mutual Fund License, MFDA

John Lennon, who was not afraid to dream big; never following trends, he strived to improve the world we live in and never accepted mediocrity.

How I Can Help:

Sometimes even the best group benefits plans cannot meet your individual needs. We work with employees to help them fully understand their group benefits and develop customized enhanced benefits plans to meet their personal needs and achieve their goals. 

Please contact me by email or by phone at 604-563-9097.