leah young

Client Service Manager

ES3 Team member since 2003

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I manage the small business benefit solutions and services, but I think my job is really about building relationships and creating an environment where people feel confident and connected to ES3. I know anyone could say this but I had the opportunity to truly experience this connection some years back, when I donated my kidney to my daughter.

I sent out emails letting our clients know I was taking some time off and why and received back many emails of good wishes. One response in particular was from the President of one of our corporate clients, a gentleman who had received a kidney transplant himself some years before.

During the transplant, I was in a separate hospital from my daughter, which was hard on us both. Through the help of others, we were able to video conference with one another. Later, I found out that one of the companies that helped make this possible was the client mentioned above. What a wonderful connection!

Three Key Words:

Positive, engaging, humorous

Industry Experience:

9+ years – I have worked with ES3 on the Group Benefits side since 2003. My responsibilities include: customer service/relationship building; preparation and presentation of annual client renewals and reports; negotiating insurance rates; handling escalated claim issues.


Ongoing industry training, workshops and seminars.


I believe we’re all heroes and agree with this quote: “If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.” ― Steve Maraboli


Volunteered with Beauty Night, The Kidney Foundation of BC and JustWork. Retail therapy, socializing with friends and family, participating in new adventures and travelling to warm destinations. Have visited Australia, Jordan, Mexico, Hawaii, California and Vegas. If you need help with your small business benefit solutions, please contact me by email or by phone at 604.639.3967.