john van tassel

Client Case Manager

ES3 Team member since 2012

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I got involved in the insurance industry because I felt that I could make a difference by helping others with their financial well being. Our clients’ needs are varied and each one presents unique challenges, so I really enjoy working with them to develop a solution that really meets their specific needs. I came to ES3 because it was a great opportunity to join an elite financial service organization that is well respected within the industry. I also admired the work culture and the philosophy at ES3. Basically, at the end of each workday, I want to feel like I did more than just earn a paycheque – I get that with ES3.

Three Key Words:

Personable, motivated, problem solver

Industry Experience:

12+ years (since 1999). Worked for several financial service organizations in the roles of administration, new business development, policyholder service, and marketing and contracting before joining ES3 in 2012.

  • Life License Qualification Program (LLQP), Ashton College, Vancouver, BC, 2008
  • Microcomputer Business Applications Diploma, CDI Career Development Institute, 1999
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, University of British Columbia, 1998

Winston Churchill, because he had the integrity to refuse to compromise on matters of principle or ethics. Whether he was in political isolation or as Prime Minister, he always stood by his conviction to do the right thing, even if it was not always the popular choice.


Father to two sons; also hikes, skis, dives and golfs in hometown of Squamish, BC, the “Recreational Capital” of Canada.

If you need help with underwriting or policy service enquiries, please contact me by email or by phone at 604.639.3973.