exit with intention and purpose

The Executive Strategies team will take you through our Six Step Planning Process to design an Exit Strategy that best meets your personal and financial goals. We will work closely with you to close the value gap that exists between the book value of your business and the value you need for your business.

Our professional multi-disciplinarian approach ensures nothing is overlooked. We quarterback the exit planning process, working closely with Tax, Legal, and other Advisors to develop a comprehensive plan that will allow you to successfully exit your business.

Our in depth analysis will give you peace of mind by answering the following questions:

  1. How do I close the value gap between what I want, and what I will get for my business?
  2. What drives my enterprise value?
  3. Who are the ideal buyers of my business?
  4. Is the value of my business determined by what I want, what I need, or what it’s worth?
  5. When will I know that I’m ready to sell my business?

Get started today and take our complimentary Business Exit Readiness Index Survey. If the results don’t surprise you, the solutions will.