a relationship with benefits

At Employee Strategies, we’re experts in employee benefits. Sure, we can implement great off the shelf solutions that can work for your company. But that’s not what we are really good at. What truly sets us apart from all the rest is our never-ending quest to align a benefits program with your company’s DNA.

You pride yourself in carving out a unique place in the market. So do we. In fact, our differentness is what makes us so good at what we do. How? Well, it all starts with our painstaking obsession to understand your company – your values and goals, your employees and what they value, your philosophy on health and wellness.

From there we develop one-of-a-kind solutions – if you are not the same as your competition, then why should your benefits program be? Next, we get the “benefits of benefits” message across – a good plan with great communication always trumps a great plan with poor communication. Now, imagine a great plan with great communication.

And, just when you think our job is done, we really start the hard work. We don’t like (unpleasant) surprises any more than you do. We look three to five years down the long, winding insurance road to spot the trends and risks and work with you to prepare for any changes.
Year in, year out, we consistently outdo, outdeliver and outperform our competitors.

The truly amazing part? It doesn’t cost you any more to work with us than to work with them.

Looking for an innovative approach to benefits and a partner who believes in long-term relationships? We’re available and willing to commit.

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