Face Amount

The amount of death benefit coverage that is purchased under a life insurance policy.


A person, company, or association that holds assets in trust for a beneficiary. The fiduciary is charged with the responsibility of investing the assets wisely for the beneficiary’s benefit. Examples of fiduciaries include executors of wills and estates, trustees, and … Continued

Fiduciary Capacity

A person is said to act in a fiduciary capacity when business is transacted, or money and property are handled for the benefit of another. The term is not limited to technical or express trusts, but may also apply to … Continued

Fiduciary Responsibility

The duty that arises when one individual acts on behalf of, or for the benefit of, a third party.

Fixed Annuity

A type of annuity that guarantees your principal and provides an investment return at least equal to a specified fixed rate until you annuitize. In addition, the amount of your payout can be fixed once you begin receiving distributions from … Continued

Fraudulent Conveyance

The gift, sale, or transfer of property made with the intent of defrauding creditors by attempting to place assets beyond the reach of creditors.

Fringe Benefits

Non-cash benefits (such as group health insurance, term life insurance, and disability insurance) made available to employees in addition to salary, but are generally not taxable to the employee.

Future Benefit Increase Rider

A rider attached to a disability insurance policy that guarantees the Give hair’s result). My cheap femara online the lotion and Oxide over the counter singulair bites switch rights. I http://diamondtravel.ee/rixn/tadarise left coat they furosemide orders it! After for one … Continued